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years of feedback: It finaly comes out.

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  • years of feedback: It finaly comes out.

    Maybe they exist, I'm not sure. If you know of any that are already built in, please let me know. It's hard to search something when you dont know how someone may have worded the technical stuff.

    1: Is there a winamp windows toolbar? like for the taskbar. I could easily align it on the right and control the music without switching to Winamp. I dont like overlays.

    2: A amp-lock feature. Often i find myself surfing thru my my files, and i will accidentally open a file and it will stop my music and play the song that i didnt intend to listen to in the first place. Other inconveniences such as accidentally dragging files out of order.

    3: track order - if i add folder of an album, and if a file is named "1-name" and has "10-name" the order is ignored. This is all based on the file name, not the tag track data. I have sequentially numbered track number tags, but the single digit file name.

    4: This next one, I thought I had seen it before, but maybe somewhere else. I mostly listen to full albums, but i cant distinguish between the albums if i load multiple albums of the same artist. What i would like is a change background color per album. Black, drk gray, repeat. Let's put some clear borders on it. I dont want to do a lot of extra eye crunching between similar names - volume 1-5 for example. You dont even need to think with color.

    5: Long time problem: My external hard drive often disconnects itself. If I open winamp when it's disconnected and try to play the list will cycle through. Can this auto shut off after say, X number of missing entries? Whenever it happens it will basically lock my system up until I can get to task manager to kill Winamp.

    6: My next main concern: scratch-list? I normally just load a bunch of songs into the play list and let it go. I would like to use and manage a play list easier. A separate edit screen would be great. I seldom want to mess with the currently playing list. It could be really neat, with full drag and drop, a column on the right to add files to "potentially" add to your play list, on the left. Quick save, maybe collapsible + & - buttons to edit multiple play list in the same window. I know there are plenty of other list editors out there, but which one do i need?

    7: my final thought right now: My media libary is dang near disable thanks to the few "Various Artist" albums i own. If they are all named with different artist names, they all get one song entries. This is extremely annoying to have to dig through an added 500 various artist who i might not even recognize. I would like an "dump to misc artist" features. You could do it real simple. Run a scan for all artist with less than X number of songs and show the list to the user. Uncheck what you want to keep and hit the right button. Or, do a "Smart Scan" to search for folders that contain music with similar things like album titles but different artist. Prompt? Basically, an ignore artist name, but still group, if the tags or file names match. Auto?

    Thanks, I hope to see some in the future.