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Too Many Updates!!!

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  • Too Many Updates!!!

    It seems that every time I open winamp there's another annoying and disruptive update!!

    PLEASE develope a way to update your app so I don't have to.

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    You're imagining things. There hasn't been a new version for over 3 months.

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      Still, we shouldn't have to download every .00x. I've turned off the "check for new version on startup" now anyway. It's very annoying to have so many updates.


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        Originally Posted by deveds2 View Post
        Still, we shouldn't have to download every .00x
        well there was never anything forcing you to install the updates and as you've found there's a simple preferences option to remove the prompt.

        Originally Posted by deveds2 View Post
        It's very annoying to have so many updates.
        but then isn't supported software which is updated better than nothing at all?

        this then leads me to ask a question, if updates are going to happen (irrespective of the frequency of them though there will be more just after a large release for minor issues), how do you think they should be notified &/or provided?

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          YES! Updated software is MUCH better.

          Hmm... To answer your question, here's an example: Hulu Desktop checks for updates every time you launch it. However, the app downloads and installs the updates without any notification. It simply updates itself. In that example, there's no need to ask any questions or provide any notifications. If there's anything new, they highlight it within the app. This method solves a number of issues. Probably the most important is that EVERYONE is using and benefitting from the most recent software and features. All they have to do is open the app and it's up to date. It's a very elegant solution.

          There are many other media apps that are moving this "promptless" direction. Tivo does it. DirectTV's DirecTV2PC app does it. Any website applet does it. iPhone apps are close but you still have to check for updates yourself (which is silly really).

          This would be a great task for the Winamp Agent: download and install the updates whenever they are released. As a technologist, I would welcome this. If the update is for a fix, then just fix it, I don't need to know really.


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            in other words, u want a silent and automatic update. fair enough.

            but please don't discourage updates in general. winamp is great, but still needs quite a bit of work on bugs and features, my hope is more updates gets us closer to perfect software.
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              Well don't get me wrong. I really do like the updates! The more streamlined and "silent" the update is, the better and I would think the more that developers can do with it. To think that every client, no matter what, if you have the client open, you are on the most current version. IMHO it becomes a more stable, predictable, and cost-effective platform.