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"Prefs" Preferences tab added to tab list, wiki tab too!

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  • "Prefs" Preferences tab added to tab list, wiki tab too!

    on my 5.581 bento winamp, i have 4 tabs:

    "media library, video, visualization, browser"

    i would like to see "Preferences" added as a tab to those 4. the space is ample and available and otherwise wasted. (just to be clear, i mean the winamp prefs)

    you could also add as tabs things from the lightning bolt, like ver history, and the credits.

    AND a tab labeled "Winamp Wiki" that takes a user to the wiki manual.

    Egg? devs? thoughts?


    i think video and visualizations should be the same tab. if someone wants visualizations for a video, which is dopey anyway, make it a toggle in the window.
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    Haha.. is funny (for me) how good ideas where here all the time.. old post uh? =)
    I totally support your idea, tabs should have a better used, these are some ways..
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