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Album information stored in playlist file rather than mp3

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  • Album information stored in playlist file rather than mp3

    I've got an idea for future versions of playlist files after going through and sorting out my mp3 collection recently.

    One problem I found with my mp3 collection was the amount of duplicates, especially when it came to compilation albums (e.g. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. is on Feel Good Inc single, Demon Days album, and Now 61 compilation).

    Most compilation albums have similar songs on them just in different orders, so I thought rather than have numerous songs all the same what I'd do is put them into folders by artists and then create M3U's for each album, and delete the duplicate songs.

    I then found a problem - all the album information, such as artwork, track numbers, etc is all stored in the mp3. Due to this repetition it's probably not the best place to store album information.

    I have looked for information to see if there is any type of playlist file out there that stores album information, such as track numbers, album title, album artwork, etc, the only way I could find to do it is to copy all the mp3 files into the albums folder with a jpg of the album cover and the mp3 file, but this defeats the point.

    So maybe for a future Winamp it would be good to come up with a new playlist file that allows storage of the album information within it, such as artwork, etc. I know this would mean re-writing the entire m3u/pls format but it would be really useful.