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  • Juanus
    Originally Posted by Nebukaneza View Post
    WinAmp needs a better 'Genius" style playlist maker.
    I am sure that few people realize that the "Genius Playlist Maker" is the same Playlist Generator that is in Winamp. Its created by Gracenote. And though the interfaces are very different, the underlying code and libraries are the same. So theoretically, (and I have not tested this) if you have the exact same library in Winamp and Itunes, you should get the same results.

    So when you say better, in what way?

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  • Nebukaneza
    started a topic iTunes Genius Style Shuffle

    iTunes Genius Style Shuffle

    WinAmp needs a better 'Genius" style playlist maker. Also possibly if you could add some system for shuffle where tracks you rate higher have similar tracks play more frequently on shuffle.