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    This seems like a really obvious idea to me, so it surprises me that I haven't found this as part of Winamp, available as a plugin or even on the wishlist.
    Before I started using Winamp I used to group my playlists into folders in the ML window (left sidebar) of *POS media player* to organise them. Surely it can't be too hard to incorporate a similar feature - with folders or tags or something - especially since there is some sort of playlist folder feature when syncing my iPod (with ml_ipod)?

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    I SECOND THIS REQUEST. In fact, this has been a long-time request from Winamp users. I don't like seeing this in my playlists:
    • Mahler
    • Meatloaf
    • Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

    I'd rather be able to organize playlists by genre. Others may prefer some other organizational scheme, but the ability to use folders is critical.

    This also applies to Bookmarks. I have over 40 bookmarked streams, and scrolling through that is a PITA.


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      Yeah. Thirded.

      This is the one thing holding me back from switching from iTunes. They're the main way I organise my music- I've got about fifty nested playlist folders for Classical (by composer, musician/orchestra, time period) alone. I just can't make the jump without that functionality.

      I'd happily pay for a Pro licence just to get this functionality. It's so rudimentary- quite astonishing that it's not there already. With >30 playlists, having them in one extended list's really a bit unwieldy.