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    Hey finally started using Winamp for my music management once more and I am loving it all over again.

    I still need to use the Zune Desktop Software to manage my Zune 80 player as no other players are supporting media syncing with the Zune Devices and Winamp is not going to support them anytime soon.

    My question, will Winamp at least support the .ZPL playlist format so i can import my Zune playlists directly into Winamp and Sync them to my Sansa+ and my Nokia c3 without having to convert them to .wpl before i can import them :S

    Last little ditty, will winamp ever read the albumart images directly from the filetag instead of the file directory?

    Thanks Nullsoft for your amazing work,
    A loyal Winamp User since my first PC back in 1999

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    if zpl is very much like wpl (as seems to be coming up and not the Zoom Media Player playlist format) then it would be simple enough if someone on the dev team looked into it to have zpl added as a supported playlist type.

    from a quick look, it seems like the header is slightly different in a zpl from a wpl so a known working example might help improve chances of zpl loading being added.

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      I can confirm that zpl is very much like wpl, so much so that you can change the file extension and it will work in Windows Media Player. Why MS thought it was necessary to have a separate file format in the first place is beyond me.

      Native zpl support would be a big win for me because while there is a workaround that works most of the time, my zpl playlists are always changing, and so the phone is always behind and doesn't have my latest music and playlist files.

      That would be a unique feature of winamp, and personally I can say that it would change me over into a winamp user on my phone.

      Oh, attached are some of my .zpl playlists, if it helps.
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        i've had a look and yes renaming them to .wpl will allow WMP and also Winamp to load the playlist.

        i've updated the handling support so Winamp can detect and load zpl without needing to change the extension to be wpl via the load file dialogs or by drag+drop of the playlist onto Winamp (as long as that area supports such things i.e. a number of 3rd party plug-ins with views won't cope with it still).

        however, i'm not going to fully register zpl as a supported format so it won't show up in the file browsers as i'm a) not sure about setting up Winamp to take over zune playlists and b) due to there being zoom player playlist zpl out there as well, i'm not happy enabling something when there's the potential for confusion - if a zoom player playlist handler is created and changes are made to ensure zune and zoom are handled correctly, then i wouldn't see as much of an issue to allowing zpl to be registered fully in Winamp.

        so that's all i'm going to do on the thing for the time being, so when the next Winamp release happens (no eta), you'll at least be able to manually load or drag+drop zpl onto Winamp which is better than before (though i've a feeling you're not going to like my point b ).

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          Originally Posted by DrO View Post
          you'll at least be able to manually load or drag+drop zpl onto Winamp which is better than before (though i've a feeling you're not going to like my point b ).
          Uh, I'm actually completely thrilled that you took the time to look into this and I've purchased a Pro license as a gesture of thanks. Looking forward to that release!