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  • Smart View - Album Artist Art

    Hi all,

    Loving the new smart view, but there is one request I need to make to improve this view - Album Artist Art. This has to be put in as one of the fields available. Please dont be confused, I dont mean Artist Art.

    One of the great things about Winamp has been that it has understood from very early on that Album Artist is one of the most efficient ways to organise a large collection of music, especially with compillations.

    What do you think are the chances of getting this put in as an available field??

    Thanks for all the hard work. Keep it up guys!

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    If there is an album artist entered for an album which matches others, then it will display that in the Simple Album Art view. I have compilations where I set the album artist to VA and then it works fine. Is that what you mean or is there something else?
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      In the solution you mentioned wouldnt that still only sort everything by album?

      The problem is getting a view where album artist is produced in a grid with the album art displayed also, i.e.

      (art) (art) (art)
      NOFX NOW 45 Offspring

      Currently I think it is only possible to show this view per album, which gets very messy with compillations like NOW 45 where each album tag is different. Which results in a big block of tiles for one compilation.


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        Once you tag that "NOW 45" block of tracks with an Album Artist of "VA" (or anything that's the same, Various Artists, whatever you like) then Winamp sees them as the belonging to the same album and they become one album in Simple Album Art view. I've done this with many compilations in my library through Winamp.
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          Thanks for getting back. In both your replys you are talking about the tags but I dont think this is an issue on whether the audio is tagged correctly or not but more about the view that Winamp produces from Smart View.

          You seem to have your library organised per album. My question relates more to the album artist. I will give another example. I have a 2 disk 2pac greatest hits. In each album tag I have 'greatest hits disc 1' and 'greatest hits disc 2'. In your view you will see each album displayed in that way. In a album artist art view you will purely see 2pac.


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            i'm not sure i follow you... i don't know what it is you want it to do?

            i always put the cd# in the album tag, but if i didn't, then the two discs would merge into showing as one album, in album art view.
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              Okay, so you want all Albums for an artist glommed together. Much like this plugin in Songbird: - I follow you now.. And I agree, it's a sick idea. I wish Winamp had coverflow and a grid view, etc..

              But no, unfortunately Winamp can't do this yet, it would require a plugin to do so at this point in time.. but you could definitely cut down on the number of duplicate and empty entries in your Album Art view by tagging your library better, no?
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