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Failed Podcast Downloads; Retry podcasts with status ""failed" from Downloads" window

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  • Failed Podcast Downloads; Retry podcasts with status ""failed" from Downloads" window

    Specific Suggestion to add to the User Interface:

    1st. Please add the option of "reload download" to the right click menu that is found on an podcast entry in the download window, as soon as possible.

    [Especially add the option, if a specific podcast download has status "failed." The "download window" I am referring to is available when clicking on the lowest option present in the left sidebar of media library in a default view.]

    2nd, perhaps?
    An alternative and even better way to solve the problem discussed below, might be to add any specially-requested "older" podcasts to the list of podcasts to periodically retry until they reach status of "Completed", even if they are not the "N" most recent podcasts (where the value "N" is selected in the preferences).

    Current problem: a use case:
    When a network briefly fails or the laptop moves to new site/network, the specific podcasts I requested will (obviously) begin to fail in downloading. This can be especially annoying with current interface, when one has gone through a large set of "old" podcasts and hand selected some interesting podcasts to download. The list of selected podcasts can be somewhat large for me, especially with new podcast subscriptions. While the "N" most recent downloads seem to eventually retry--depending on your preference settings for "N"--the hand selected older podcasts do not seem to retry.

    I can find no easy way to re-download a "failed podcast" list that does not involve going through the old podcast lists yet again and, worse, now moving around a bunch of different windows to try to figure out which interesting podcasts actually were completely downloaded and which ones failed. It is a time-waster to redo exactly the same selection process, but now made more complicated since some, but not all, podcasts might have failed.

    Related Requests:
    I did a search, but I failed to see anything *directly* relevant to my major frustration with using the current winamp interface, although it is somewhat related to general "stop and resume podcast download" requests. I apologize if there is a directly relevant thread for a workaround. Please point me to a workaround, perhaps?

    I am using Winamp 5.61 on Windows 7.

    Thanks for a good program and considering a request!