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Any way to customize album art options

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  • Any way to customize album art options

    I like the customization options in Winamp. I was wondering, if this minor option could be added into the preferences.

    Winamp by default reads album art from the file first and then looks for it in the folder.
    Is there any way to disable the folder look up or make it optional.

    The Problem
    I have my music organized in a way that I like. Its also added to the Windows Library (Win 7) so that I can search Music with ease through the start menu.
    What Windows Media Player does is it scans through all my music and creates folder art taking pictures from within the files. Some of my music are grouped together even though they are from different albums. Now when Winamp doesn't find album art within the file itself, it takes the album art from the folder. So you can see why this can be a problem.

    Its not a major flaw but an added customization that would allow Winamp to escape the Windows annoyances. I doubt a plugin can be made for this as I think the MPEG decoder is what looks for the artwork.

    This is a previous forum entry where this issue was discussed as a problem.
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    They don't really solve it but there are suggestions of removing the folder from my library which I don't want to do.