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Opus support? {Implemented with a 3rd party plug-in by thinktink)

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  • Opus support? {Implemented with a 3rd party plug-in by thinktink)

    foobar2000 1.1.4 supports Opus decoding. How about Winamp?
    Opus, the open standard, high quality codec. Presentation, documentation, comparison with other formats, download links, source code repository.

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    Opus will be the next big thing!

    It is accapted as a standard now.

    I hope that support is already in the works...
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      there's nothing stopping someone creating a plug-in to allow it to be supported... (as i'm not aware of any impetus to do this officially but i will heavily note that i could be wrong on what is or isn't planned). and the impression i get is this is trying to take over from Ogg Vorbis for the streaming side of things (not sure on where it's positioned for local files) which we know is used but pails into insignificance against the main streaming formats.

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        Install the K-Lite codec pack, add OPUS to your Winamp in_dshow.dll configuration, you're done.

        I expect Ogg Opus to gain much more momentum for online usage than Ogg Vorbis ever did.


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          Opus is now a published standard.

          According to the Hydrogenaudio listening tests, it outperforms current proprietary codecs @64kbps. I suspect that it does just as well at higher bitrates.


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            The only issue with my in_dshow.dll suggestion above is that Winamp can't read the Vorbis comments.

            Now that Opus is a standardized Web audio format, I hope Winamp will come to support it natively (sooner than later).


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              To have OPUS natively as decoder and encoder would be really nice.
              With in_dshow.dll I have a bad and heavy noise. All other dshow players sounds fine.
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                Also a "+1" for me for the wish of having a native in_opus.dll bundled with Winamp itself. Would be a great thing to advertise as it's the upcoming standard for HTML5 etc.

                As it is also delivered in OGG container, there would have to be some mechanism to decide whether it is a vorbis or an opus file - maybe in_vorbis should also handle Opus then (and then be renamed to in_ogg or something like that). So no separate in_opus would be necessary.

                But - until now, only a dream of a wish...


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                  from what i've read up (only out of interest and not with a means to implement anything), there is a variation in the header which allows opus to be detected that way. though being in an OGG container is a down-side rather than a plus with things.

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                    I think they can also appear in raw bitstream format, then of course lacking metadata (although I really like the thought of having a raw bitstream opus file with an ID3v2 header, as possible in Winamp e.g. with .aac files

                    Moreover, I've heard that the matroska container is also one of the possible file formats for opus.

                    MP4 container is technically possible but it ist not standardized from MPEG/ISO's side (yet - who knows....).


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                      TT is the man, although i don't know what i'd need this for? i.e. whats the content that i'd want this for? and i wouldn't broadcast something that has little native support.

                      can't you just transplant the fb2k plugin into winamp?

                      regardless, seems like at least a good addition to the essentials pack.
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                        the better place would be taking in_vorbis and using that (though that's obviously not viable) since the container format is the same, it's just the bits that go into it which is the opus codec that's different.

                        as for why, etc, supposedly it's the new thing (like webm) and will do the same thing that ogg vorbis was claimed to do of being a free streamable format, etc. though really the only thing i can see it possibly helping with is the html5 mess with the <audio> tag and as a decent royalty free codec it has potential, it's just having content created to use it that's the issue (and the fact it uses the horrible ogg container *shrugs*).

                        as from a broadcasting view of things, getting ogg vorbis stream support in the SHOUTcast tools would easily allow opus support... just leaving that image for people.

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                          The only issue I'm having at the moment is figuring out how to feed the stream to a compatible decoder in the library. Local file reading is fine. I've even got the transcoder functions working already.
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                            i'm having a blonde moment, what do you mean by "how to feed the stream to a compatible decoder in the library" ?

                            as normal playback and transcoder support is pretty much what's needed (along with metadata support and where possible using the unified alt+3 dialog stuff).

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