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Background/threaded transcoding

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  • Background/threaded transcoding

    Great product - just paid for pro!

    Moving away from iTunes (doesn't matter how many "brand new version" skins they release, it's still the same troublesome product) and WMP.

    One thing that would be VERY handy, considering the power PCs have with multi-core and multi-threading now ... background/asynchronous transcoding.

    I'm currently uploading stuff to my new Sandisk Sansa Clip+ ... going well ... but every so often everything has to halt whilst Winamp transcodes a M4A file into MP3 (or Flac or whatever).

    It would make more sense to put that transcoding job in a background (one or more!) queue(s), and continue to move to the next file.

    Once the background transcoding job is completed, (re-)add the transcoded file to the upload queue and get on with the next background transcoding job.

    It'd mean that material is uploaded to the device faster, without a file needing transcoding stopping the whole upload process.

    best wishes
    Hedgie Hog

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    it's known about but it's a major re-code of the transcoding api implementation to be able to do it (and it's been talked about internally for a few years but time hasn't allowed anything to be done about it).

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