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Remote control with & streaming to Android app

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  • Remote control with & streaming to Android app

    When I heard of the coming release of the android app, I naturally assumed these features were a given. Apparently not though, so I'd like to suggest them:
    • Please add the ability for the Android app to remote control Winamp on a PC via WiFi;
    • Please add the ability to stream audio from Winamp on PC to Android app via WiFi;
    • Please add more options and feedback indicators to the WiFi sync to help with locating a device (neither I, nor anyone I know have ever managed to enable WiFi sync with our PCs to date and can't even determine why, because there is just a "discover" button and nothing else... and my friends and I are in IT).

    I hope to see Winamp find a new energy that sees it jump in leaps in bounds over the competition.
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    i guess the paid version is even better as it allows directory tree browsing and imports the entire media library onto the phone

    but yeah, playing stuff from android player to pc app would be really cool as well, or some variant of AirPlay technology. possibly a feature on the android app to transmit to all airplay devices?