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  • WRAFL (Winamp Radio Automatizer for Linux)

    Hey oh

    It would be cool if there was some kind of encoder than transmit audio & video from a playlist/folder specialy designed for RHAT & Debian Distros

    And of course, like an AutoDJ but WITH NO GUI (just console) i'm saying this because something like that can help A LOT to help to increase the number of stations on SHOUTcast directory, giving them an easy way to make AutoDJ when they are not Broadcasting by themselves, so the people can listen they Podcast/Content/Programs/Music 24/7, which in fact make growth a lot the SHOUTcast comunity.

    More radios means more offer, more offer means more people listening, more people listening means more people seeing the SHOUTcast radio directory and all of us know what that means .. you got the point here...

    Also, it would be cool if the encoder works to transmit NSV video, i know Is no longer developed, but, with a tool like this, we, the users than are a little fan about this have the tools to actualy work on it and try to improve it, in ask there is no cheating right?

    I know, we maybie are a limited number of people the ones who still enjoy SHOUTcastTV, but the tool i'm suggesting here helps A LOT to all the RADIO & VIDEO makers, it would be "the chicken of the gold eggs" for all of us, and also fix the problem of the lack of a good automatizer (i.e. Airtime & Liquidsoap) in CentOS or RHAT in general without the need of force the install of Liquidsoap

    of course, we lost the Airtime internet vinculancy, but who cares if you can install a simple automatizer on CentOS who do the job?

    Thanks for your comments


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    you seem to have missed it... as there was sc_trans which was the cross-platform console auto-dj solution (though it never had NSV support) provided by SHOUTcast (which is currently not available due to the sale and may not return anytime soon / at all) that had been around for years in varying disguises.

    and you really need to give up on having Winamp / SHOUTcast + Video broadcasting (especially NSV) from any official standpoint as that is just not the focus of the new owners (or the prior ones) and audio only is the general focus when it comes to streaming.
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      Wow, i just not finishing on editing and you answer it...

      Cool, thanks, But...

      Isn't the SC_Trans need to work with Winamp installed?, if that's the case, and since there is no such thing like Winamp in Linux... it's kinda don't see like a solution, but maybie i'm wrong about this.

      Is it possible to use it Console-only mode?

      If that's the case, yeah, i missed out... :S

      And about the NSV... Always is valid dream right?
      Besides... there is no cheating in ask, isn't it true?


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        sc_trans was a completely separate console-only program - there was no Winamp dependency.

        it created MP3 and AAC and streams and could handle autodj + live dj requirements as well as playlist scheduling and a few other things. which from what you're asking seemed to fit (especially when mentioning Liquidsoap which i've seen people use to replicate sc_trans's functionality).

        trying to persue NSV is just a waste of your time and mine having to repeat the same thing over again about it (and what i've posted above is as official as you're going to get re:NSV now - which the sale has really put the nail in the coffin off with seeing anything new happen with it).
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          Don't worry, i'm just know it but..., even than i apreciated the gesture of always responds, i know the official option about it, but again... what i can lose?

          Is there any chance to get the code?, or something... about NSV??, i know, i can't get it to be "resurrected", but maybie this can pass to be open code, and that way the people intrested can use it, experiment it, and maybie improve it to the times, i don't know, i don't know how the code works or how it is, so i don't know what kind of "Improvements" can be done.

          Or can be done to make something from it.
          Something New

          So if the coffin have another nail on it, and nobody cares about, what would be the problem than the coffin can be taken from the Cementery and the Corpse study to make another autopsy?, to see if there is nothing else than can be done with him's case?, at least for the peace of him's "related ones" (Fans)?

          Any chance you think to open the code -or the part than still be preserved/exist-?


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            you would have to ask AOL.
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              You work with them for years, any chance you have a "Contact Way" to them & try?
              i know, i can wait the answer for years but, exist a way?, with who do you think i need to speak about?

              Thanks in advance