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Legibility on hi-res displays

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  • Legibility on hi-res displays

    Hi. Longtime Winamp user (I bought it from RegNow in 1999, and bought Pro through Digital River in 2007 - $20 each time - and the Android Pro version a year ago!).

    I'm running the Thanksgiving 2013 version, 5.666 build 3512.

    I have two requests. I'll put them in separate threads.

    I use the Modern skin, with Good 'Ol Winamp colors. On my current 1280x960 display, reading the bit rate and sample rate next to the time display is nearly impossible. Same for most of the text and buttons in the normal (non-windowshade) window.

    Please add the ability to rescale your window to counteract the shrinkage of the type caused by the closer spacing of pixels on higher resolution displays. You could use a Ctrl-Scrollwheel approach like in a browser to make it larger and smaller.


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    Oh. That's very different. Nevermind.

    Found the solution in the Technical Support area - right-click the main window and choose Scaling, which gives your choice of sizes, in percentages.

    At 150% I can now read those important statistics, and the text on all the buttons.


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      you really should be using build 3516 with update patches rather than build 3512.
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