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  • Standards Suggestions for new development

    create a shell content like winRAR does for compressed files, for display only.
    to update these information as new standard for all software management.

    click to browse next\preview display standards by vendor(installed media players) like css3?
    based on the display standard for operating system experience [to develop].

    *for as the personal post, is liked better the default and about sections.

    more info, would bring the browser \or the comment tab.
    by restrict to 3 lines max\ or link to source.
    summary, for windows defaults usability only;
    text to be formated with [...] when overflow;

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    Add\Create Playlist would use the player system services to apply;
    Perform Plug-In Action would use the storage workflow information for: join files,edit,etc...
    Broadcast this File easy to use functions to shoutcast and playlist databases;
    Sync this File to pendrives,tablets,cloud;
    Advanced Tag Editor to update media information;


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      I appreciated the auto-tag feature before it was done away with. Is there a chance we will get it back?