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Idea - option to set YOUR OWN "no image" artwork.

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  • Idea - option to set YOUR OWN "no image" artwork.

    I want to be able to change the "no album art found" picture from the default grainy Llama to something nicer, like a picture of a record player or something. A user on Youtube gave me instructions on where to find the "no_alb_art" file and how to change it, but these changes only affect the Bento and Big Bento skins, I cannot get this change to work on Winamp Modern, which is my preferred skin, and even though I >have< gotten the change to work in the Bento skins, it still has glitches where there is bits of black on it when I click on the other songs in my playlist.

    Another thought... perhaps maybe it would be possible to have an animated gif of a record player animating when a song that has no embedded art is being played. That would certainly be more entertaining to look at than just a pixelated Lllama.

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    Well, the idea is not new, but is a fair request though.

    Now it is tighlty tied to the skin system, so each skin needs some tweak to show your custom pic. It's actually easy though, in the Modern skin case the solution is sort of like on the other skins:

    - Open the skin's folder (if you haven't extracted to a folder yet, do it now, ask me how to if you don't know how).
    - Go to the folder where all the XMLs are.
    - Open the file "player-elements.xml" (on every skin this file's name changes a bit) with any editor like Notepad.
    - On the 2nd or 3rd row add:

    <bitmap id="winamp.cover.notfound" file="@SKINSPATH@/notfound.png" gammagroup=""/>
    - ..and Save.
    - Voilá! Any PNG you put on your skin's folder named "notfound" will work.

    I recommend you use at least 256x256px pics, but don't get too hopefull to get rid of the little artifacts Winamp makes to the image when resizing it.. (blame the engine.. or coders in charge at that moment heh..).
    JPG's are allowed too, just change the piece of code accordingly ("..@SKINSPATH@/notfound.png" >> "@SKINSPATH@/notfound.jpg").
    GIF could be use too, but there will be no animation at all. This is one of the great debts of Winamp..

    PS: cPro skins have a picture of their own to show no-art pics, but it doesn't affect the ML pics, so the trick is useful there too (though you need to change 2 files to set it the same).
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      Thank you, this is much better (imo) than the pixelated Lllama.

      Maybe one day Winamp can do animated gifs, then I could have an animated gif of a record playing. ^.^


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        Idea option to set YOUR OWN &quot;no image&quot; artwork

        If you want to buy the skills with peds, why not just use the auction?