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  • Winamp in Discord Rich Presence

    Actually, a community-built rich presence has been made already. This is live, and you don't need to update it one by one everytime a song changes, but what makes me a little bit sad is that this 'plugin' cannot show the unique album art for every song, making you doing the hard work of giving each one of them the album art. Since Winamp is coming back now, I really hope that the devs are willing to bring this into light aka making it official.

    Moreover, we have things like Spotify on the Rich Presence. So why aren't Winamp?

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    bumping this, i want my friends on Discord to see how much of a boomer I am


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      WACUP already has this..
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        excellent wacup, I can already show what I hear in discord, what geniuses those who developed the software! greetings from Argentina!


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          Sorry for the post pumping, but if someone still wants a Discord Rich Presence Plugin for Winamp only, check this:

          I apologize for the rule break .
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            One of the first things I did after installing the newly released Winamp update, was to check if it already had Rich Presence in Discord... turns out it still does not. You can sort of add it manually, but it wrongly appears as Album Art, so you will need to manually edit the entry after adding it to the Discord list, and, besides that, it wont show any info regarding the currently playing song, at all. AIMP does this perfectly and seamlessly.