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Pacemaker & chiptune plugins

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  • StreetWalker
    Pacemaker was working with Windows 10

    I have been using Winamp since the late 1990's. I have used the CDG and Pacemaker plugins over all the Windows versions including Windows 10 with no problem.

    I just purchased the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 with Windows 11. Yesterday, when I installed the Winamp version 5.666 (build 3516) that I've successfully used for many years, the install complained that I needed DirectX. In addition, when I tried to install the CDG_Disk_Player_Plugin.exe and Pacemaker_v2.7b.exe plugins, the installation did not complete and the dll's were not in the plugins General Purpose and DSP folders in Winamp.

    Please someone assist me with these issues.

    Thank you,
    Steve Walker
    [email protected]

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  • olorinjoyce
    Pacemaker was working with Windows 10 just fine last time I checked. I even used it last time with the multi plugin stacker.

    Have you considered trying AIMP as a replacement to Winamp? AIMP has built in speed and tempo controls, and a great deal more of customisation and features. Plus it support many of Winamp's plugins natively, and is under active development.

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  • johnny_chronic
    started a topic Pacemaker & chiptune plugins

    Pacemaker & chiptune plugins

    Can you fix winamp so the pacemaker plugin and chiptune plugins work again?
    They have not worked since Windows 7