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Play browser played songs/sounds the same as files

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  • Play browser played songs/sounds the same as files

    With Winamp 5.8 I installed the plugin out_a3d.dll so that I'd get sound from all 4 of my speakers. Before that, I was only getting sound from my front speakers. With the plugin installed, any music file I had on my computer plays fine from all speakers.

    However, if I play a Youtube song with the Winamp browser, it only plays it through the front speakers; even with that plugin installed.

    Also, the play url doesn't work for Youtube music urls. I can play them fine with Daum Pot Player and so that's what I use. It would be nice if Winamp, when finalized, would have that same capability.

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    I wouldn't hold ur breath, and the Winamp browser is garbage.

    Try posting at wacup, they might do it.
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      Ok, I guess I could post it there too. Thanks for replying.