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Treatment of directory name begining with #

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  • Treatment of directory name begining with #

    Winamp saved m3u playlists are admirably relative, so that I can reference my playlists from anywhere on the network and indeed the world without headaches. The one exception to this is my directory called #.

    Like many, I categorize my music alphabetically. To help with the size of playlists and individual directory file counts I use 27 1 character directory names a-z and perhaps regrettably #. I'm loathe to change this name due to it's use for many decades across 1000's of backups that would cause more headaches than it's worth.

    Obviously the m3u format and it's use of # prevents the use of that character as the first on the line as the directory name and Winamp thankfully checks for this and instead replaces it with the full path name of the file. While this solution works well for locally played lists, it not being relative means it doesn't work for network played files and I find myself having to do a text, search/replace "D:\songs\" with ".\" every time I add to the "#" playlist.

    As far as I know using . to reference the current directory is ubiquitous and should provide no issues on various OSes, unless there's some special treatment of . reserved for m3u playlists. This should be a simple change and although it's quite a frivolous request I'm sure it's not as bad as many.

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    its really amazing keep sharing


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      Cannot you replace # with lets say @? Or with two ##? Would there be still a technical problem?

      If a change like that was possible, then that special case [whatever it means in your naming system] would still stand out. And if you use some other software then maybe it will accept also such change?