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  • Stream from Plex or other self hosted sources

    My top wish list is a properly made desktop media player (aka Winamp) to be able to stream from my Plex.

    If Plex isn't possible, I know there are other self hosted music streaming solutions out there that would be acceptable as well.

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    I don't follow u. U want plex to broadcast to winamp, or winamp to broadcast to plex?
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      I want winamp to be able to access my library through Plex. Plex has excellent library management but piss poor players.

      However there are opensource solutions for the streaming server instead of plex: ampache and subsonic come to mind.


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        the answer is no ,not possible
        you are talking about a mediaplayer with it's own engine

        it's like trying to link the Windows mediaplayer to Itunes
        the won't get play nice with eachother
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          I'm not understanding why you are saying it is not possible.

          Plex at it's core is just a library API. Not a media engine. It manages metadata and streams data to clients.

          Winamp would be the media engine with added API hooks to pull library information from Plex (or another opensource library like ampache/subsonic) and then stream the data from that platform.

          Winamp has had plugins for streaming in/out from/to other services before. Why couldn't it stream from a plex/ampache/subsonic server? Or have it's own serverside agent to connect music files to remote clients?


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            for starters, in some countries plex is regarded not legal.
            There are a lot of questions about the legal status.

            Second , as you might have noticed Winamp isn't (yet) supporting things like youtube

            the main issue is that you might be streaming illegal things like movies and violating laws is the last thing you want.
            latest version of Winamp
            DSP Plug V2.41
            Language Packs