We have a number of users who use my skin to create dance programs. Interrupted, missing, rearranged or changed music is big NONO. So I have worked hard to have only controls needed for this on the skin. Some of the programmers inadvertently press keys or buttons that cause problems, so they need to be removed. I have removed most everything I can, but some are difficult. For example I want to remove the R-click option on the Winamp Art window, but I can not find how to do it.

There are options on the R click menus in media library and playlist which are problematic so what is needed are:
1. An option to remove options in the the R click context menus. Dr O has nicely added the option to remove R clicks in the PL, but that is only a partial solution.
2. An option to kill individual or all single/double key commands. Many programs have this option, or more generally a way to readily setup single/double key commands. This appears in many editors.
3. A password protected Main menu would also help for situations where Winamp has to be used by others, for example students.

Yes, I know that context menus can be modified by creating a language Pack, but that is a bit of effort on my part everytime they are changed. I have ShexView, but Winamp does not seem to appear in the list on my Win10 box. I did create a good language pack for doing this, but now I find I have to remove more.