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Looking for an old output plugin for controling lights

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  • Looking for an old output plugin for controling lights

    I remember using a output plugin that allowed me to control lights based on the vu levels and it was like in a grid format but I can't find that output plugin anymore. If this old plugin rings a bell please tell me the name of it and even better upload it again. Thanks

    EDIT: So apparently it was called Discolitez but the web site to get the schematic is also not working anymore.
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    DiscoLitez_v1.2 - DiscoLitez for WinAmp version 1.2 Download DiscoLitez_v1.2 Winamp visualization for free on

    this is the discolitez plugin but it's 22 years old, so no way of knowing if it works with the current versions of Winamp.
    latest version of Winamp
    DSP Plug V2.41
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      Thanks! I was able to find it and it still runs smoothly so long as run my Winamp 5.622 as Admin.
      FYI I had to use the Internet Archive Utility to get the latest version:
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        Hi, I am looking for an old plug-in, which allowed to disable doubleclick to play a song in playlist editor. Plug-in allowed to disable doubleclick and play a song in a playlist editor only with "enter" (to prevent accidental doubleclick). This was very useful. It was some years ago and now I cannot recreate it on a new computer (It is still working on old computer, but I cannot see it in the plug-in lists, not sure, how is still working). Anybody can help where to find that plug-in or something similar?


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          Originally Posted by Zuzana View Post
          Hi, I am looking for an old plug-in
          (It is still working on old computer
          You can try this:

          0] Close Winamp

          1] Backup content of your


          on you new machine

          2] Copy content of your


          from your old machine

          3] Delete that content on your new machine - and then paste to this location all the copied items from old machine

          You can also use Winamp Info Tool on your old machine [to see what plugin Winamp uses] - and then install them for your new Winamp one-by-one


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            thank you for the tip, I tried, however, I did not find that folder, only "Program Files" - I tried with that one anyway. but it did not work, unfortunately


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              Search for the Winamp.bm8 file on your C drive - the folder its holding is the one you need to transfer