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    Let me say first that I'm very happy to see Winamp being re-built for modern development - thank you!

    My suggestion is to have the capability to play a random album from the library and place it onto the playlist.
    This is a bit different to a 'shuffle albums' capability as bringing the album onto the playlist would allow the user to add tracks to the playlist to be played after the album has finished.

    Thanks for your consideration.


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    I want to second this suggestion. To make Winamp capable of creating (random) playlists based on complete albums and their respective song order would be awesome.

    For oldschool guys like me, a full album still represents the original piece of art. So this feature is truly missed and very much underrated.


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      Jimbo Jones - are you that chief bully in the Simpsons? You said that you're '. . .very happy to see Winamp being re-built for modern development . . .' I agree. I discovered Winamp in the late 90's and am still a fan. Nullsoft got it right from the get-go. You can't beat it for taking up a minimal amount of precious screen space with just the player and playlist docked, nothing like clumsy VLC.

      These days it's good to se that something stays the same from one day to the next, let alone one millenium to the next. It gives continuity to life in a small way.

      As regards true random playback I'd guess you'd have to have a function, a counter of sorts, built into the player that keeps track of songs played in the list and excludes them them from being played again in that session.

      Making a playlist then hitting randomize on the player doesn't prevent a track being played twice inside a couple of minutes. A way to prevent that is to make a playlist, randomize the order, then have the player play it straight → from the beginning.

      Good thing Winamp 'remembers' the playlist and position in it on shutdown and picks up where it was on restart.