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stereo vs. 5.1

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  • musicf8
    that sounds like something that should be handled by the soundcard. For example my soundblaster card can automatically upmix stereo to 6 channels for my z-5500. Alternatively you can use a output plugin to handle it instead, for example; matrix mixer will convert stereo to 6 channel

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  • tinnitus
    started a topic stereo vs. 5.1

    stereo vs. 5.1

    Most of my songs are stereo, but some are 5.1. But I have to configure the audio device to stereo, so that the receiver can upmix to 5.1. If I left the audio device in 5.1, the receiver would never mix to 5.1 because it's receiving 6 channels, even if 4 of them are silence. So it would be nice if Winamp could configure the audio device to stereo or 5.1 depending on what the song is.