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MP3 info to a file - another dumb newbie question

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  • MP3 info to a file - another dumb newbie question

    (was accidentally posted in Skins/Scripting)...
    Hi there,

    I'm a first-time poster, but I've been using Winamp for years i.e. excuse my ignorance! If this post would be better suited in another forum, please direct me.

    I was wondering if it's possible to modify Winamp (any Version) so that it would output the information of the song that's currently playing to a file i.e. every time Winamp starts a new song in the playlist, a file is created containing the song title, artist, etc.

    If I had this then I could use something (e.g. Java, PHP, Python, or Perl) to updated my homepage, and display what I've been listening to. Purely cosmetic! I can handle all the HTTP/DB/Programming for the old client/server approach, but I need to know how to get the MP3 meta info info to a file.

    I'm a very competant programmer, but the docs on here have been leading me around in circles. If someone could provide a URL to page detailing how such changes could be made, or indeed; to a page with the code to do precisely what I'm looking for, then I would greatly appreciate it!

    Brainwave: even if I could modify winamp to open up a URL in the Winamp browser every time a new song starts e.g.<ARTIST_NAME_HERE>&song=<SONG_NAME_HERE>

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks 'Winampers' :-D

    - Hando

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    You have the minibrowser open url on song change with maki.

    Just some advice: in the future, ask a mod to move a thread, rather than posting again in a second forum.
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      hando1, Have a look at the source code to my Winamp3 Enhanced Browser. It already contains code for a lot of what you would need to do, and with little modification would probably serve nicely.

      PM me if you need any help with anything.

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        try the info file plugin:
        I use it with a mirc script and it works great


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          Bleh I wasn't very quick on the uptake there I have code which carries out both of the things you describe above, and I wrote the info file component (which I used to use for a dynamic image). PM me and I'll send it to you.
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