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Compiling Maki Scripts

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  • Compiling Maki Scripts

    I have been looking and looking for help on how to compile the maki scripts and how they actually work. All I need to know is what you need to compile them, and maybe some help on what some of the code is. I've seen the site at or whatever, and that's not helping me too much. Anyone help me?

    I'm trying to create my own volume slider script without a thumber and I believe you're always supposed to include std.h/mi I can't get it to include when I run the compiler. it always says it can't find the file no matter if I put the std.h file in the same folder as the maki script.

    Help please!

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    I got past the part of not being able to find std.mi. But now I'm testing my scripts out and I keep getting a guru meditation error... Can anyone help me out? (Null Object Called) I cannot figure this out because as far as I know, I'm not calling any objects yet.