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  • More lyrics for lyricsAMP (winamp3)

    can i add more websites to search for the lyrics i want, since many of tha artists on my playlist are....well, almost unknown? ( will do, lol)
    is there anytihing i can do????

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      do a search on the lyrics amp posts. I thought I recall someone hacking lyricsamp for darklyrics. good luck


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        Your answer can ONLY come from the LyricsAMP component author himself - Gabor Ratky (revhu). But I doubt he will help you since revhu has given up completely on development of the component for Winamp3, will no longer offer any support for it at all, and doesn't appear to be interested in making it open source so that somebody else might continue work on it.

        My suggestion to you is to try other 3rd party-authored lyrics components besides LyricsAMP, where the 3rd party authors still support and develop the components.

        And I'm moving this thread from the Winamp3 Tech Support forum to the Winamp3 Discussion Forum instead, because this is not a Winamp3 tech support related issue at all. Nullsoft/Winamp offers no support for 3rd party-authored skins, components, or add-ons of any kind. And if you need assistance with such things you need to contact the author(s) directly.

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          Man i know this will be annyoing but I installed LyricsAmp for winamp 3 and then nothing happened when i reopened do i use it?

          And yes i spent at leats 30 mins browsing the forums so can somone help?


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            nevermind i found it