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Winamp3! Good or bad?

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  • Winamp3! Good or bad?

    Hi the Winamps creators!
    I would like to say congratulations and thank you to all the hard work to create Winamp 3 and giving it away for free; because it's free so take it or leave. Well,why should I say anything else other than thank you. But if you don't mind some comments and I have something to say. I took it and left it four times already because I don't know how to get the radio to work. I had run updated too.
    Yes, 11 steps to get the station I wanted and downloaded and saved and it took too long to get connected and it skipped or not playing at all.
    I try to look for the radio stations window like Winamp 2.9 just one click on the yellow icon Z and click on internet radio you get a window contains hundreds of radio stations,just clicking around and have some fun. That's what internet radio is all about. I looked for it in Winamp3 but don't know where or may be it doesn't exist anymore.
    I love Winamp2.9 for its user friendly, just because I wanted to download CDP karaoke player from http://page.infinit/belier/. The author said it may have a slight problem with Winamp2.9 but not Winamp3.
    By the way, it will be so wonderful if one day I can use Winamp as a Karaoke player as well. Thank you for listening to this long message.
    Kind regards,


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    Winamp3 v1.0 is 14 months old
    Winamp 2.91 is 4 months old
    Winamp 5.0 will be the upgrade from 2.91
    Winamp3 is as good as dead
    but wasabi development will live on.

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      King Winamp!

      Yes, it is the best media player out there. even windows player 7.1 and real one player has some problem like winamp 3 that you never know when it strikes. But Winamp 2.91 is the best of them all.
      Thank you so much guys.


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        Originally posted by DJ Egg
        Winamp3 is as good as dead.
        you mean there would not be another release for it? Why is that so?
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          Ask someone at Nullsoft. I'm just as sad as you about it.
          Maybe it will return as Winamp6 . . .

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            They've been releasing new minor builds here and there, changing a few little things...generally the program is pretty good, I'm not complaining!!



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              If Winamp3 ever makes a return, I'd say a name change is in order, like WasabiAmp or something like that, just don't fuck up the numbering system and confuse the hell out of users again.


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                ok relik.....

                your real name is "A"......
                now someone comes to your mother or you, and tell you to change your name, or give a name to your brother, then who's vote is counted?


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                  winamp3 is slow

                  at first i loved winamp3, but after a while the long load time and high processor use made it kinda annoying so i went back to winamp2. i hope if they release another wasabi based platform, they'll make it run faster.


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                    There are pro's and cons to every applications version of any software.

                    In this event. I mostly stick with winamp2 because of its compatibility with SHOUTcast also has a lighter code but doesn't work real well (on my system with .nsv files) so thats where WA3 comes along. Still not the best at .nsv files (more than likely my config fault but oh well) but works better in my opinion that WA2

                    However I use the Beta WA5 and it works like a dream with WA5.
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                      winamp 5 sux0rs

                      I find that the most valuable peice of Winamp3 is the ability to have multiple playlists, and not having to load a new one EVERY time u want to listen to something different. I think a great addon would be to be able to save the all the playlists into one file, instead of having to load a new one. Though the stability of Winamp3 kinda sux, for a while i had it crashing once every two weeks so i had to reinstall it. hasn't been bad lately. =/

                      I have tried a Beta of Winamp5, and i just found it to be winamp 2 with the look of winamp3. I didn't notice many other changes, seemed kinda like a dumb upgrade to me. I'll stick with Winamp 3 until you make another winamp to have multi-list capabilities.

                      ok, that's just my 2 cents worth. enuff rambling for now.


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                        DrO is working on a plugin for WA5 to mimic wa3's multiple playlist. See this thread for more. He hasn't released anything yet, but it will be very similar to wa3 with poppler2.

                        But, i'm glad you like wa3, and want to stick with it! we need a few more like you, imo.

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                          But, i'm glad you like wa3, and want to stick with it! we need a few more like you, imo.
                          you're not the only one

                          there's a preview plugin of the winamp3/wasabi player style playlist (in my signature) though it's very alpha

                          @DarkSeraph: there should eventually be multiple playlist support (at least) in the plugin i'm doing. as for native support, who knows. the real reason i'm doing it is so that people can have a better choice of what to use whether it's v2.x, winamp 5 or winamp3

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                            I also liked winamp3 a lot, i switched to it when the 2.x still was without lib. When the lib plugin for 2.x came i was used to the lib in winamp3, and 3 had a lot more in favor than only lib, so i sticked with it. but now with winamp5 comming up, and all improvements that are made and still makin', i think it might just turn out what it's supposed to be; the combination of both 2&3, all the good stuff together.

                            I'm testing the beta few weeks now and looks very promissing. (if all userwishes posted here, or at least the most asked, will be there, winamp5 will rule ALL others)!!!

                            Only thing i'll realy mis are the skinned menus, but i guess i'll just have to live with that.

                            Still i think nulsoft shouldn't completely stop working on winamp3, i'm sure also there can be more improvements, and a lot of people sure will stick with this wasabi-amp, don't let it die, let both versions coexist!

                            Anyway, winamp is the best, i tried others, they all suck big time!
                            (some like iTUNES even planted stuff on my hd nobody asked for and my norton gave virus alert warning first time in 2 years, just after installing the prog. and restart pc, shame on them!!!)

                            I linked my pc with my hi-fi set and winamp does now 90% of the job i did before myself.. and it's big fun.
                            *sigh (still) under construction*


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                              Nunzio continues his quest to inform people of the death of Winamp3 and the birth of Winamp 5.0, to avoid future questions/problems people may post in reference to the (now unsupported) Winamp3 player...

                              Winamp3 is a very old product release that hasn't been updated in well over a year (DJ Egg mentioned this above). Winamp3 is dead and will no longer be supported or available for download VERY soon. Winamp 5.0 is the direct upgrade from Winamp 2.x and is the newest Nullsoft product. It will support both Winamp 2.x skins and Winamp3 skins, along with many other great features that Winamp3 had.

                              My suggestion to everyone is to install Winamp 5.0. Read more about it here.
                              Don't email or PM me concerning Winamp. Instead, either start a NEW TOPIC or post a REPLY in the appropriate thread in these forums. This will also benefit others who may have a similar question or problem. But before posting, please first Search the forums and read all FAQs and all Sticky threads.

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