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Spontaneous monkey? what the hell is that?

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  • Spontaneous monkey? what the hell is that?

    What the hell is spontaneous monkey?
    Is it an easter egg in Winamp3 from Nullsoft?

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    I don't remember all the details, but it has something to do with the fact that there is a firm belief that if you put enough monkeys in a room at computers, eventually they'd be able to hack out the code to WA3. Although, I think its more fitting to fill up a room of Llama's - but what do I know.
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      To see the monkey message press shift and the ? button.


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        press "shift" and "?" at the same time
        when In winamp 3,
        This question has been posted alot please no-one post It again


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          its says ...

          Oh you want know "About winamp" huh? Well, let me tell you "About Winamp":
          Winamp fucking rules. Winamp kicks your AND your mother's ass. Winamp had your dog this morning as well, and it was all good. Winamp is the leading cause of spontaneous monkey-butt-fucking in America today.

          Its THAT good.


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            donglekey0 what with you and ass fucking? one hint GAY!


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              it says

              Thats what pops up in winamp 3 when you hold shift and press ?. I didn't make it up, its a joke. Its what this thread was about, pay attention.


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                So what If he's gay?
                We gonna kick of the forums becuase of his sexuality?
                dongle key im not saying you are gay


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                  naaaaah, they tried that "room full o monkeys" thing with mozilla, and just take a look at netscape 6.