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  • Can this be done in WA3...


    I sort of like the interface from the MP3 player but the sound quallity is rather poor, and I would like a few more options.
    (Yes, you have to install it directly from their website, no direct download available.)

    Is is possible to create a similar skin for WA3 or do I have to fire up VC++ and create it myself?


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    you could probably make a skin to look like it. try some to the skinning tutorials around here


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      It should be quite easy, actually, no VC needed. You can get your programming on w/ the scripts.
      Working for the man.


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        I don't know if you have installed the player.
        Normally the player is hidden, and only pops up when you move your move your mouce to the edge of the screen.

        The new WA3 script language has hooks for that? Hmm.. I guess I should have a look at this script thing.


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          As for the popup - absolutely. You'd have to have a transparent alpha layer stretching under the "pop-up" area as your background, with a few pix on the right, then simply use an onEnterArea() command with those few pixels to make an opaque background layer and all the function buttons show up.

          Unfortunately there's no documentation for the script engine yet, but I could put together a brief example of the above to show you how it's done if you don't want to take the time dissecting one of the skins that uses scripting (kjOfol, Diablo II, boxOr, DesertAMP, StoneCruiser, etc...)

          You'd compile a .was file to binary w/ francis' WA3 script compiler:

          Let me know. Cheers - RT
          Working for the man.


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            No thanks, I'll wait until WA3 is released and the script language is documented.

            I was just looking a small project to do. I'll find something else.