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winamp 3 looks GREAT!

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  • winamp 3 looks GREAT!

    i'm not kidding. i especially like the media catalog and hope it gets even more integrated (like clicking on a song in media catalog allows you to listen to it). that catalog was exactly the thing missing in winamp.
    big ups for the smart-resizing windows! i just luv it!
    also i'm really courious about the upcoming capabilities in skinning... i might become a skinner again!
    the crossfader is a really cool tool! i've waited long for this being a standard part of winamp.
    and last but not least the thinger is a really neat tool, as well as the skin switcher and and...

    i just wanna say: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WINAMP STAFF! and take yourself enough time to give winamp performance and stability, there is nothing more useless than a crashing mp3 player =)

    i'm also still not a fan of the minibrowser and the autolauncher. i simply turn them off and consider them useless. so please concentrate your work on the really cool stuff i mentioned above!

    winamp 3.0 rocks!

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    There is an autolauncher in wa3 right now? I can't seem to find it.


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      Originally posted by Someonebutnotme
      There is an autolauncher in wa3 right now? I can't seem to find it.
      oh, there isn't? there was back in 2.x... well, if there isn't, don't work on that stuff! just let winamp be perfect without silly autolaunch stuff. noone wants it.


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        winamp 3 is amazing! they need to get more than 3 people working on it though, it needs to come out in official release, it is just too good to wait!