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A winamp here, a winamp there, a winamp everywhere

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  • A winamp here, a winamp there, a winamp everywhere

    Here is my wish... i wish that when i am cruising around the web.. instead of having a shitty News/Media/History/Folder whatever bar...

    *Cue patriotic music.... *
    I WISH i could have my winamp play list... with winamp.. playing along for me.. i see other programs that hijack IE.. and include there own stuff take for example hotbar!!! how cool would it be to have winamp accessible from anywhere in IE>.

    my second wish.. the ability to right click anywhere.. and have the "forward", "backward", "play", "pause" options for winamp.. and no matter what program i am working in at that particular time.. be able to control winamp by right clicking my mouse!! surely.. one day.. my dream will come true *as patriotic music swells in the background*

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    I agree with wish 2, but with one modification:
    The right-click is far too useful in many programs to completely reassign full-time to Winamp... however, the center button (or scroll wheel) would work much better for this purpose.

    Just my 2 cents (1 cent American)
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      There's a way to implement the idea full-time, though not with right-click: A sub-menu can be added to the System Menu that appears in every window in Windows, so that general commands can be accessible at any time! In fact, with a little knowledge of the Windows Registry, a sub-menu can be added to the system menu to control Winamp almost without writing a single line of Winamp code!

      (However, it's better if Winamp code IS generated, that way this funky new way of accessing Winamp can be more closely integrated, and have more power.) Anyone who understands both the power of the registry and the process of building Winamp plug-ins should be able to whip this out in no time!

      (Alas, I am -NOT- up on building a plug-in, or I'd be programming this even as I type....)
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