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    Can we just bypass Directx by using asio?

    Maybe it's not possible because of the licence for asio.
    But it whould transform winamp to a profesional proggy instaid of handy freeware.

    Greetings Seoman

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    Why is this not listed on this site?
    And how come 't didn't work on the normal release?

    But thanks anyway!!


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      I am not replying. My wish is that volume outputlevel remain same, UNLESS of course the recording varies in strength...viefats


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        To normalize sound levels in Winamp3 download/install the ReplayGain DSP Component (normalization for Winamp3 Build 488). It works very well. I use it all the time.

        Note: make certain Winamp3 is closed (not running) at the time you install it.

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