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  • More Edition Functions

    More Edition functions
    With the hoped for promise Of a new ver in the pipeline I'd like >>>>>> rez_rat<<<<<<< I also do a lot of editing of Ripped tacks and so on . I would like to see An Advanced Editor Function that you can edit the Highlighted Tracks Similar to What now Can be done in Media player With Its Advanced Editor function >>>>>>>>great Suggestion REZ Rat Mate I hope its Followed Up !!!! dont Know about the short cut keys I a A mouse User Less chance of error using point n mouse Hope this becomes a Componet or if already is one Ninzo my great frien would you be able to let me know Rhank you to the great moderators that keep Win amp right up there being the best i like to use and very Uncomplicated

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    I seriously doubt that a built-in editor will happen.
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      Ididnt mean it that way sorry Sawg only hope the editor in up date or a component comes along that will enbale ppl to edit more tan one at a time as in a grouped - highlighted tracks you want info edited on
      thank you