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    There is still no version of Winamp for linux Operating systems (I dont count the linux port that was made acouple of years ago). Linux is one of the most powerful, bugfree, stable operating systems arround, but there has only been one linux version, and tons of windows versions. A Linux version of winamp 3 would be great (you could call it something random like LinAmp). I am currently using XMMS (it appears to be almost identical to some older versions of WinAmp) but it cant play WMA files and some other file types.

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    There is an alpha version of Winamp3 for Linux.
    Don't expect too much for a release of Winamp3 for Linux anytime soon now that only one programmer is actively working on Winamp3 (which actually probably works more on the platform Wasabi than Winamp itself (although I'm not sure) and when he does work on the client, it'd be the Windows version rather than the Linux version and who knows if the guy who ports to Linux is still around).


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      Actually it's about two months old.