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Some features gone missing??

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    Re: Oh, I forgot...

    Originally posted by kaprikorn
    Why can't tags be edited while playing the song?
    The problem is that you can't write to the file at the same time you're playing it. So playback actually has to stop, the tag must be written, then playback starts again. That's possible but just not done yet. And playing the song while writing the tag is impossible, unless you make it buffer a few seconds of playback then, while playing from the buffer, write the tag, then start up again and you won't notice a gap. It's a pain in the ass to write for now though, they have higher priority stuff to do now.


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      Features that I miss from Winamp 2.x or Winamp Betas:

      - can't create my own color themes (I could in the 3.0 Betas)
      - can't minimize Winamp in system tray
      - SHIFT + Stop button doesn't have the fadeout effect

      and others mentioned above.

      I found those features very much appreciated in 2.x, by myself and others.


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        i am in agreement with the missing of the "J" key, i loved that. also i like how this winamp seems (wa3) to use almost half of the cpu that it used to. BUT! when i use any other skin other than the default it uses almost 90% of it! but i do like that winamp doesn't skip when i open other programs that are large, that is very, VERY nice but it would be nice to have some more skins, which only time can bring. but skins that arent so graphically involved that it sucks all my cpu to it ya know? but yea i miss the "J" button.


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          Let's agree on the idea that this isn't a bitchlist, it's a wishlist . So while I'm on the subject, I agree with most of the "wishes" expressed above, I hope they don't turn ugly as the seemingly pissed off moderator from beforehand. Anyway, The first thing I tried to do was to change the vis option to Fire and Small, but it wasn't there.
          No biggie. I understand that good old AOL put a time restraint on WA3, and I know that it is still being worked on/ fixed up. I think WA3 is a great program, and will do great in the long run. I use it now and will continue to use it. I deleted my WA3, but also lie in wait for something that makes my old WA2 skins come back. But as I said before, I'm not bitching, just harping. I could be a lot nastier. Just ask my girlfriend.
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            hi, just registered so i can post stuff about winamp3...

            its good, but i wish it had...

            all of the stuff mentioned in the 1st few posts, plus one thing i find SO annoying.

            it changes the visualisation on its own damnit! i.. its just done it again damnit, i want ma laser show or something...!

            see, watch this (so to speak) I put it on that happy dance thing,....its playing a song.. smiley faces moving around.............. and now its one..some other one, and i have found no option to stop it doing this. really annoying.

            but all in all, i do like winamp 3. its good stuff,in general


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              +vote buffer entire song


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                this is a wishlist right???

                I thought this was a wishlist where we the users got to say what we wished was in wa3. I'm sure Nullsoft is planing on putting all the funcitonality in wa3 of wa2.xx but right now not all of them are there so we get to voice what we want and by doing so maybe Nullsoft will put the features in wa3 sooner.

                Originally posted by Supremacey
                All WinAMP 2.xx features will eventually be in WinAMP3. Not by the final release because Nullsoft was forced to release it because AOL set a Deadline. But, in future releases of wa3, these features will eventually be added. So shut up and wait or go back.

                The more wa3 advances in to later build, more bugs will be fixed, more features will added, it will be optimized more. So you can either wate for this to happen, or you can go back to WA2.xx


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                  Just another feature that is missed by me is the
                  NumPal hotkeys, 7&9 for FF or RW
                  4&6 for forward or backward song skipping...
                  I don't know about anybody else but that was the only
                  keys i used on Winamp 2.x playlist and is greatly
                  missed by me

                  /me eagrly awaits for it to be built in ^_~


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                    Re: Some features gone missing??

                    Originally posted by firelight
                    Just wanted to share the things I miss in WA3 that existed in WA2.X:

                    2. There is less Visualization options.
                    You know, like line and fire style and so on...
                    I absolutely agree, I used those (fire/line style) and the thinner lines as well, looked nice. I'd *really* like to see this feature added soon (was disappointed during the beta to find it had gone missing).

                    As for the other two, I'd certainly like to see as many of the older 2.x feature migrated forward.


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                      Wish List

                      Things I hope to see in the next update:
                      - slider for FF/RW within song
                      - Skin Wizard so I don't have to learn code
                      - Valentine Dancer visualization for V.3

                      Great job on V.3 guys! Keep up the awesome job. I also really appreciate the price.


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                        Not a skin wiazrd. Then you'd get rejects making Skinner skins that are always dissappointing. I hated that for winamp 2. I'd go on any catagory and get 4,000 skinned winamp skins and one peice of good skinning. Down with the skinner idea. Besides, what's wrong with learning new stuff? Add it to your resume. "Advanced xml knowledge and scripting". Sounds like there was moe being done than just winamp skinning.
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                          Any suggestions for a beginner tutorial on XML? I find the Winamp tutorial a little vague. Keep in mind I hate code. I'm a big fan of Dreamweaver, though.
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                            Re: Re: Some features gone missing??

                            Originally posted by ThePlague

                            should be here very soon, the prefs XML for it has been done for quite a while...
                            Yeah, I noticed that in one of the XML files that it seemed to list some of these options we're asking for. Does this indicate that the functionality exists and all that's needed is an editor to change the settings? If so, would it be reasonable to assume if we found the file that stored settings would could enable these options manually via Notepad?


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                              100% agreeance with this topic! Good suggestions firelight.


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                                i really miss the enhancer-plugin... i think ill go back to old winamp until it gets available.