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i wish... some new news about the linux version would appear

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  • i wish... some new news about the linux version would appear

    Any chance of a beta of winamp 3 for linux ? because the alpha really sucks.

    It seems any mentions of linux port has disappeared. I know its being worked on and no i dont wanna reply saying check here this is what xyz said 2 months ago/6 months ago.. id like some new news. Is it dead ? is it still in very early development ?

    Any chance of knowing how long linux users will have to wait a timeline

    tommorow.. next week... next month.. next year.. never ?

    And incase some smart arse decides to post when its done.. i know but some sort of timescale would be nice.


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    *when it's done*
    sorry couldn't resist

    right now they're focusing on gettin the windows version out the door, and then they'll port it to Linux and MacOS etc etc


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      response i expected

      I knew I would get a response like this

      thanks.. really answered my question


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        The port is underway... all I'll tell you is, probably before next year



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          Now lets get a forum where we can bitch about it


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            before next year.. thats within the next 3 months right ?

            I hope its worth the wait


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              At least it is before next year. My heart is already skipping beats and my skins has major goosebumps.

              I know it will be well worth the wait though.


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                well before next year now makes it in about 10 days time. Or we talking before 2004 now ?



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                  Originally posted by Brennan
                  The port is underway... all I'll tell you is, probably before next year

                  in your dreamz! last i checked, it wouldnt even load!!
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                    i know its in development, but any idea on release date, or even a beta PLEASE


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                      I don't even use Linux, but i do think that the linux guys deserve at least something like the beta news page that us windows users have.


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                        brennan, you have 9 days left :P
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                          Hmmz Grrr, i want linux version The alpha sux, i get a whole bunch of errors and that's it (after i had exported the libs dir manually) Pls (9 DAYS!!!! (a))


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                            I know that the windows version has priority, but please any news about the linux port would be good Anything.


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                              Indeed... I got the alpha working (was a 16 bit bug) but the only thing i can do is playing a song, xmms now far beter, I hope the final release of winamp for linux will be better