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  • Simple but good.

    I dunno. I know about developing as much as my dead cat, but I think it might be simple to add a volume control of some kind that can be accessed from any place. You know like a dynamic thingee or something.
    I use winamp in only my system tray and everytime I need to adjust volume I have to open the window or right click on that icon. It would be cool if I could press Ctrl+Shift+z/a or something to increase or decrease volume even while doing other stuff. You know, also pausing cool trax...

    What do you guys think? I also dont like to pay a dollar three eightyfive on that stuff.

    Edit: I really like this smilie

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    hmm i am PRETTY sure that what you are talking about won't work. control and alt only reserve functionality within the program that currently has the focus. i don't use this function, because i use teh physical volume knob on my external speakers, but i've seen similar systems like mine with an identical multimedia keyboard as mine (dell quitkey with three multimedia buttons) set up so that two of the buttons control the windows volume level. however this doesn't just change winamps volume it changes the entire system volume.

    i've also heard that many multimedia keyboards may work with winamp (as in next/previous track, volume up/down stop/play etc.) but i don't think mine does. if you have a multimedia keyboard just poke your nose around the config menu or read up on it


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      control and alt only reserve functionality within the program that currently ...
      Thats not actually true you can register a system wide hotkey with ctrl and alt (or win or none) modifiers. This is how the add hotkey works when your in the shortcut properties box.

      Currently I use the multimedia keys on my keyboard with winamp2. I also have bound hotkeys to the volume. Although you can't do any of this with the keyboards own software.

      You could use something like hoekey to control winamp2 since it supports wm_command messages. A bunch of the basic ones are already listed

      Winamp2.xx Messages
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        Hey, hotkey is cool. Thanks for lettin' me know.
        Just what I wanted.