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Winamp 3 codec files .avi

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  • Winamp 3 codec files .avi

    Why with any files .avi i have sound audio but video i have windows green ...

    it is ok with windows player 7 .. with real .. okay but with Winamp pics green !... pb of codec ?....Thanks

    How to known parameters about file .avi and how wi can known the best codec .. video and audio Help me

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    Winamp 3

    Ok Thank ... I followed yur help .. but in ffdsho i don't see YV12 and colorspacescreen ... but my windows is not blue .. it i sahain green .. I can't watching the file .avi I can listen audio but screen is green ...
    Too .. in ffdshow i can't acces to mp1 an mp2 they are gre

    Other with another file .avi i have the movie ok .. nut no audio ...? why i have not audio .. is it a problem of codec ? and how have all codec audio and video .. how to manage .. how known caracteristic codec for a file ? .. Thanks


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      2. Download and install the latest alpha version of ffdshow. (The 2003-01-03 release) [Requires Microsoft® C Runtime Library 7.0]
      If you don't see those options in ffdshow, then this means you've downloaded the wrong version, ie. an older version. It specifically says in the instructions above to download the 2003-01-03 release (which is a bit further down on the page)

      Here is a direct link to the download page:

      Also make sure that msvcr70.dll is in your System folder
      (as per instructions on and c/o the above MS Runtime 7 link)

      I'm not sure if MPEG support is fully functional in ffdshow, although there is an option for it, but you need to checkmark MPEG1 and MPEG2 in ffdshow settings (see screenshot again).

      If the problems persist, then please provide the following information:

      Windows OS
      pc make/model -or- motherboard/chipset
      cpu & ram
      Graphics card
      DirectX version (start -> run -> dxdiag)
      Windows Media Player version #
      DivX codec version #
      XviD Codec version #

      Note: You can use GSpot to determine what codec is required for AVI files.

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        Windows 98 4.10
        ANS ...AMD Duron 700 MPhz Model 3 chipset A 128Mo
        Carte graphique NVIDIA geForce MX MMX 400 64Mo
        directX 8.0 (
        Sound Blaster Creative pci type vxd
        windows media player 7.1

        codec vidéo
        DivX 5.0 ( i have also 4.12 mpeg 4
        huffyov lossless hfyu
        Intel 263
        ms MPEG 4
        VDonet xdov
        XviD mpeg 4

        I have no pictures .. screen green not blue ...;but i have sound ...

        And othe rquestion how known what codec audio need a file .avi an other i haven't sound


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          Div3 .avi

          Please help me i have a file div3 .. the video is ok .. but audio i have not sound ...

          I have windows 98 card sound creative pci
          Directx 8.0
          700 Mhz ... 128 mo...
          Here the inforamtions give by GSPOT v2.1
          about this file .avi

          OpenDML AVI DivX 3 Low-Motion
          ac3 (0x2000) "Dolby Laboratories, Inc"
          DMEDIASUBTYPE_YUY2 ivXG400 --> Bicubic Video Resizer-->AVI Decompressor
          WAVE_FORMAT_AC3 (0x2000) AC3Filter-->Morgan Stream Switcher


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            Ok. I don't understand something. Please enlighten me...

            In this recent thread, Winamp 3 codec files .avi, you claimed that you had sound but no video. Now you are saying that you have video but no sound.

            Which is it??

            Did you change ANY other settings in ffdshow other than the only one indicated in this screenshot?
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              Threads merged

              WAVE_FORMAT_AC3 (0x2000) AC3Filter-->Morgan Stream Switcher

              Not that I'm an expert on AVI codecs/filters,
              but it's probably something to do with this:

              btw, how's the green video situation?
              Are they green in Winamp3 only, or in WMP7 as well?

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                Yes ... sorry .. I have two problems two files .avi

                One problem the first with a file .avi screen green no video with good sound

                and another file divx .avi i have a good video .. but no sound and I used yur program gspot for try solve and for get the informations about this file

                I am not experience in all this "codec " .. sorry ... and i have a bad english ... Thansk again


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                  the first file where i can't see video ( screen green ) is okay with media player 7.1


                  The second file divx ( AC3 morgan ) no sound with too with windows media player and winamp 3


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                    Aah, yes . . . AC3 Codec . . . of course
                    my bad

                    Can you please show us what G-Spot says about the other AVI (the green one)

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                      1° file .avi screen green no video / sound ok

                      File from camera photo kyocera finecam s5
                      Video format codec mjpg Motion JPEG including Huffman Tables

                      320 x 240 (1.333 : 1) 1083 kb/s

                      15.000 FPS 00h 00m 11s

                      AVI I/L not supported
                      soft kyocera PCM Audio

                      MEDIASUBTYPE_Avi AVI Splitter

                      MEDIASUBTYPE_MJPG MJPEG Decompressor-->Subtitle Mixer
                      MEDIASUBTYPE_PCM Winamp DSP to DirectShow-->Morgan Stream Switcher

                      Thanks ... but is there a way for joined with theses messages .. can i joined files or document to this present message ...

                      My second problem .. i can't listen the other file divx I downloaded ac3 filter ..but i have allways my problem .. and no soft can give the sound


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                        File from camera photo kyocera finecam s5
                        Did you encode this avi yourself?
                        If so, surely the required codec comes with the software package for your hardware?

                        Video format codec MJPG Motion JPEG including Huffman Tables


                        Maybe you can find what you're looking for at one or more of those places.
                        Or maybe Sawg might come along soon and provide more exact info.
                        Like I said, I'm not quite up to date on all these weird new AVI compression methods.

                        As for the AC3Filter, I just installed it myself.
                        I noticed that it creates a folder:
                        C:\Program Files\AC3Filter
                        and places the codec in here, which I found a bit weird.

                        Try copying to the Windows\System folder and rebooting ?!?!?

                        btw, you can attach files to messages, but there's a 1MB size limit

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                          1) file from photo numeric Kyocera is ok under windows media player 7.1 .. the file come direct from camera .. I had make nothing with ...the file was download from camera ...

                          2) divx .avi .. ok i copying ac3filter under c:\windows\system .. and i try .. but is there any codec which disturb ?...its' not easy all these codecs .. !! to manage all these standards ....


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                            If the file plays ok in WMP7 then this means the MJPEG/Huffman codec is already installed. As for why this AVI won't play properly in Winamp3, well, this is now for someone to answer who's more expertise in this particular field . . . not me.

                            Good luck

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                              Tell me if i must be uninstall others codecs .. like yu telled me to uninstall Nemo Codec ... perhaps others codec disturb winamp 7 ?...
                              But how to uninstall cleaner ... Thanks