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  • Nunzio390
    Can the menu font size be increased somehow?
    If you are referring to the dropdown menu that is offered after right-clicking on a Winamp3 component window, then, no. Sorry.

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  • azzoti
    started a topic Change menu font size

    Change menu font size

    My (Windows 2000) Home theater PC (SS40G) is driving my TV at 800 x 600.

    (1) Its a TV so the image is a bit fuzy.

    (2) I look at it from across the living room so everything needs to be big, and high contrast.

    (3) Under Windows I set the fonts, and mouse cursor to Extra Large/High Visibility. This works extremely well for the file explorer, IE, PowerDVD etc.

    But for music playback I cannot find a 100% satisfactory solution.

    WinAmp 3 would be my prefered choice, BUT the font size on the drop down menus is tiny. Even 3 feet away from the TV I can only just about see what the text says. Unfortunately you really do need those menus.
    There are some SUPERB skins that have ergonomically simple controls, and high contrast colours. E.g. Pastelcolor_ergonomic and SkinUP2XP but those pesky menus fonts just stay the same size.
    The menu font size takes no account of the Windows settings.
    And I can't find anyway of configuring this, with skins or otherwise.

    This is making me tear my hair out. I'ts so close to perfect!

    I'm actually using musicmatch at the moment as a better compromise. (Sorry). But I would much rather use WinAmp. Can the menu font size be increased somehow?