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  • Removing stuff from media library


    How can I remove song/artist or album from the media library???

    I use the media library to browse through my mp3s.
    I have recently moved them around on my hardisk and also deleted some of them... well winamp still displays all of them in the media library!!!

    I read that to remove somerthing you have to right click and then click remove... thats great but what if I need to delete 100 files??
    (I know about multiple select, but what if the files are mixed?)

    Also, upon deleting all songs from one artist, winamp still keeps the artist name even if there are no songs to display...

    Is there anyway to directly delete artist or album?

    What about telling winamp to display only valid songs, that actually exist on my harddisk...

    Well I really don't have time to figure out how to do such a simple task, I might as well find another player...


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    How do I delete Media Library entries?

    You can delete Media Library entries by right clicking on them from the Playlist Editor or the Media Library windows, and selecting "Delete info from media library" command from the pop-up menu.


    Come on... is this supposed to be serious?????
    What kind of documentation is this?
    So I have to go through 1000 mp3s to find fake entries?? great!

    How do I remove the artist name??

    where does winamp keep the info for the media library????


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      Am I the only one with this problem????
      Nobody ever removed an album from their library before????


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        Hi there!
        Yeah, I've also got the same problem.

        Basically I've been reorganising all my sonds and tags and have deleted ALL of them from the Media Library.
        The Artists and Albums of the songs I have deleted however are still there!!
        Even though there are NO songs. pants!

        Anyone know any way to get rid of these?

        Cheers for any help,

        Oli Wal
        Everyone makes mistakes...
        that's why they put erasers on pencils.


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          With Winamp3 closed, delete the metadata files in the "winamp3\db" dir
          (specifically, metadata.ndb).
          If you don't want to lose the cddb stuff, don't delete the subfolder in the "db" dir, ie. the one with the long hex number for a name.

          Alternatively use Winamp (current public release = 2.91, latest beta = 2.95) instead of Winamp3, and use the "compact media library (remove missing items)" option c/o Media Library -> Library button.

          Note: Winamp and Winamp3 are two entirely separate products/players.
          Winamp3 v1.0 (build #488), ie. the version available at, is over 10 months old . . . whereas Winamp 2.91 is only 3 months old, and 2.95beta is only a few weeks old.

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            Ok this works. I discovered it by accident..It's not gracefull but it's easier than a re-instal or manually deleting folders. I think the reason it works (and the reason there are ghost artifacts in the first place)is that there is a visual window buffer for the window that isn't cleared with changes but just added to indefinitly..Here is how to clear it from within Winamp..It's tricky but it works for me.

            First make sure nothing is playing or in any open playlists.

            Now, "Select all" from your main media library window then when all is selected selected choose delete all info from med lib.

            Close and reopen winamp.

            wait!! you need to do something else..because you will still have ghost artists and albums etc. You need to select a different kind of media now to clear the visual buffer.

            For example if you are re-organizing MP3's ask the Media Library to display video files to clear the windows of artists and albums related to music.

            in other words make the windows showing the ghosts go away.


            Close winamp and reopen it and add your music directory...If I told you this in the wrong order it might not work the first time..but I think thats how I do it.

            It does really work just play around with it..Remember the trick is to have the media library and any playlists completely purged from memory (close winamp for good measure and re-open) and THEN make the windows showing artist's albums etc change to another view such as http streams or video files. When you re-select the audio there should be NO artists or albums..Now reload your directories and let the library read all the tags (this takes a while if you have alot of files)

            If you save your vid's and mp3's in the same directories this might not work so well but for gosh sakes get more organized !!

            Your Welcome..It's easier than it sounds.

            p.s. If all you changed is the location on your hardrive you don't need to do anything more than delete info from library and then load the new directory..But this method will also remove the ghosts caused by mispelled bands artists tags etcc that never go away untill you do this..Do you know how many way's there is to say Crosby Stills Nash and young for instance..I use CSNY for brevity but have to remove the ghosts that say the pre-edit tag name and this is how it is done.


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              Hell you might not need to do more than the part about changing the windows to http streams or video files and then back to audio..changing thewindow showing the ghosts to another window and then back seems to get rid of them without all the deleting and closing down mentioned above..I just tried it with a ghost Crosby Stils Nash and Young ghost (changed it to CSNY) and also a Back (should have been Bach).

              If no song shows up under the incorrect heading then it will disappear when you switch to a different window and then back.

              Woot! that's pretty easy!


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                Oh, brother. If you want a good media library, download musicmatch jukebox, or even WMP...Winamp3 is definetly not up to speed in the "media-whore/player" category as much as these other bloat-ware programs.

                ~ Nubile Bunny
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                  Hi again,
                  Couldn't get your way to work Databyter.
                  Yours worked fine though DJ Egg.

                  Many thanks to both of you for posting so quickly.


                  Oli Wal
                  Everyone makes mistakes...
                  that's why they put erasers on pencils.