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  • common.dll error

    ok, so today i finally got around to importing my kazaa folder into winamp, i did so, and i wanted to weed out the crap that my sister downloaded, so i selected all those songs, then just as i almost had all of em selected it gives me a windows error box, after all the text on winamp went bold, saying there was an error in common.dll, so i reinstalled winamp, did it again, same problem, restarted, tried again, same problem, any help?

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    Getting through the Winamp Playlist edit

    Try exiting Winamp halfway through your edit process. If you're using Windows 95/98, these systems leak memory very badly, and as long as you're doing rthe same ammount of memory manipulation in Winamp, you'll blow up the Windows memory stack every time. By editing in shifts, when Winamp exits, it will release its memory, and Windoze will be able to recover some of that stack space.

    I'm told this problem doesn't exist in Windows XP, or at least, not as bad. In any case, the current build of Winamp doesn't help, as it uses alot of the Windows AP calls that were poorly implement by Micro$plurge in the first place. Hopefully, later builds will be more efficient and tighter.

    I know with my own playlists, which often number in the hundreds, evcen thousands of files, I can barely get through a small portion of the list before Windows finds it has no more memory to refresh the screen, and (I believe) it's forced to use it's internal System font(s) to complete the update. Then it tries to push the graphics objects, and.....POW, no more Winamp....

    Hope this helps....
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      uh, i got this error everytime i close winamp 3 after i switch a theme.

      AppName: winamp3.exe AppVer: ModName: common.dll
      ModVer: Offset: 00014de1

      I'm running XP. Why can't i run winamp in a new skin without it crashing everytime i close it?!


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        Let's start with the following:

        1. Deinstall winamp 3.
        2. Download the latest and greatest Winamp 3 from here
        3. Finally, download the mandatory patch fromhere

        This should clear up the error. If not, post your full system specs here (type of PC, operating system etc., and we'll go from there).
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          I have the same problem. Could you guys help me?
          I have a Pentium4 2.5, 512mb ram ddr, geforce 2 mx 400, and i'm running Windows Xp Home Portuguese