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J-key "Jump To File" component for Winamp3

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  • J-key "Jump To File" component for Winamp3

    Too many people are requesting the J-key "Jump to file" Winamp3 component and are not finding the initial "sticky" thread in the Winamp3 Discussion forum. I've grown tired of directing people there, so I am creating another "sticky" thread here in the Winamp3 Tech Support forum, quoting the first post from the original thread for Yonido's J-key component. This "sticky" you are reading now is a closed thread and is to be used only for reference and download of the component, but not for replies. Any comments/suggestions can still be posted within the original sticky thread in the Winamp3 Discussion forum.

    Originally posted by Yonido on 05-10-2003 in the Winamp3 Discussion forum...


    here's the final version of the j-key component.

    Download - Jump To File feature for Winamp3 [Component ID: 132996]
    [Above link edited by Nunzio390 on 5-13-03 to point to published component, at author's request]

    Download Mirror - J-Key Component for Winamp3 [ver II - Updated Oct 1, 2003]
    [Above mirror link added by Nunzio390 on 9-01-03 in case the first Download link is a non-working link]

    Install it & simply press 'j' to use.
    Enter = plays the selected item, Shift+Enter = enqueues it.
    Check out the preferences window (CTRL+P) for more options.

    important: if you've installed an earlier version, delete it first (j.wac, j.maki & j.xml)

    improvements from last release:
    - faster on winamp3 build 488 (added item-cache)
    - fixed sorting problems - now the items are always sorted
    - added multiple playlist support (check out the prefrences window)
    - added some options in the preferences window

    known stuff:
    - pageup/down/home/end wont respond
    - sometimes it beeps when opened/closed

    suggestions & comments are always welcome..
    enjoy it!
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