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Emulated CD Still Playing

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  • Emulated CD Still Playing

    I'm not really sure if this is JUST winamps fault, but here it goes. I'm using a program called Alcohol 120% to emulate CD drives, so I can listen to CD's without actually having the CD in. Well if i'm playing a CD in winamp, and I close the program, the CD keeps playing. I tried to end the Studio.exe process, but it shows that it's not running. The only ways I can get it to stop is to re-open winamp and press stop, or to un-mount the CD image. Thanks - SLoW

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    Known issue with actual CDROMS...

    From: Winamp3 FAQ

    AudioCDs (read in analog mode) do not stop when Winamp exits. (Unresolved)
    As to how that relates to Alcohol 120%, I don't know.

    Remember to press stop before exiting Winamp3. Or, another suggestion is to use Winamp's digital audio extraction.

    1. Ctrl+P (for preferences)
    2. Audio > CD playback
    3. checkmark 'Enable CD audio extraction'
    4. Close & restart Winamp
    I don't know if DAE is compatible Alcohol 120%. Also, the audio extraction feature is not compatible with all CDROM/Players so if get error messages or hear no sound, uncheck 'Enable CD audio extraction'. Then close and restart Winamp.
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