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Winamp vs RealOne Player, ready, FIGHT, no really help i hate real one

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  • Winamp vs RealOne Player, ready, FIGHT, no really help i hate real one

    ok, i have a serious problem, i deleted my real one player(because i hate it, i mean i realy hate it) so i could play winamp radio through winamp, but my job requires me to log in to another site that uses Real one player to stream their audio/live radio/dj stuff... what i am askin is is thier anyway to use my winamp to play these audio files, also if i do have to download real one player, is thier any way i can just use it for those site, the reason i ask this is because i did have the realone and it would play all my live audio streams, even at also dont want to make Winamp my default player, Windows media player is my default for video reasons, i have to keep it default for video files, please someone help me out in this situation, if do download real-one how do i stop it from becomin the default player......Also how come winamp doest work at college campuses????like seton hall?????

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    Sticky: Winamp3 Is Dead, Upgrade To Winamp 5

    Uncheck "associate with video files" during installation setup (2nd input screen)

    Provide links to the sites with the streams, so we can see what the file formats/extensions are

    Tara plugin provides support for all RealMedia filetypes, but you need the RealPlayer engine to be installed. More info

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      here are the streams that im havin trouble with......

      Online music magazine featuring interviews, reviews, articles, press, releases and general resources. All exclusive.

      also please let me know y winamp 3 is dead and winamp 5 is better, i am running off of winanmp 3

      thanks for the info


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        I was unable to find any streams at at all. When clicking on the Media link there, all it did was generate a 404 error page not found. However, I located a Top 40 page at Underground Hip Hop dot com and I can tell you this...

        Those playlist files are .ram (Real Audio Media) files. So, there is NO need for you to install Real Crap Player again. First install Real Alternative and then install the Tara plugin that DJ Egg mentioned above to have them play/stream in Winamp v5.0 (not in Winamp3 v1.0)...
        - Real Audio and Video (with no extra plugins)
        Play Real Media format files in Winamp with no extra plug-ins. If you have Real One or Real Player already and hate it, feel free to uninstall it first, it will no longer be needed. First install Real Alternative. Second add the proper extensions to the DirectShow decoder:
        Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Plugins > Input > Double Click "Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder..." > add ";RA;RM" (no quotes) to the end of the extension list.
        Note: this does not work for .RAM playlist files or rstp:// streams, use the Tara plugin instead (just remove ra & rm from the extension list in tara.ini)
        You also asked this...
        also please let me know y winamp 3 is dead and winamp 5 is better, i am running off of winanmp 3
        Just do what DJ Egg said... uninstall Winamp3 and install Winamp 5.0. In less than a day (down to just a few hours now), Winamp3 will be REMOVED from (no longer offered for download). It's a dead project now. There will be NO support for it any longer. This Winamp3 Tech Support forum and all other Winamp3 forums will be closed and archived for legacy support only.

        If you need to know any more than that, then read through any of my recent posts here. You can start by reading this one, which pretty much explains it all and also has a link for the Winamp 5.0 download.

        So, get Winamp 5.0 and follow the directions above to stream from those sites you like.

        ALSO.... there are many many many hip hop and alternative music broadcasts at Nullsoft SHOUTcast. A hell of a lot more than at that site you provided. And all SHOUTcast broadcasts use the standard PLS playlist format, not that Real Crap format.
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