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How do I install skins?

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  • How do I install skins?

    I have been using Winamp for a long time, and every other time the skin I downloaded went right into winamp and changed it. But now, every time I try to download one, it asks if I want to save or open the file, so I save it to the skins directory on my computer. (It shows up as a .wal file after downloading.) But when the download finishes, it doesn't show up in Winamp. I tried looking under the Skins browser within Winamp, and the one I just downloaded isn't in the list.

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    Welcome to the forums, cheron
    How do I install skins?
    Skins don't get installed. They just get downloaded to your Winamp3\Skins folder. And yes... they are .wal (compressed) files, just like you said. And yes... they get selected from your Skins browser (just like you said), or just by right-clicking anywhere on the main Winamp3 component window and selecting Skins > name of newly downloaded skin
    I have been using Winamp for a long time
    If so, then why did you post in the Winamp3 Tech Support forum? Winamp3 is a completely separate product/player than Winamp. I'll explain about that in a post I will link to later on (below). In the meantime I'll have to assume that you are using Winamp3 and not Winamp, since you posted here in this Winamp3 forum...

    Now, regardless of what op system you have, for anybody that has trouble with a simple left-click on a Winamp3 skin download link, where you get that "The skin you're trying to load doesn't seem to be a supported skin by Winamp3" error (did you get that error?), or where the download is directed "somewhere" else, instead of to your Skins folder (probably happened to you), always perform this procedure...

    Make sure Winamp3 is closed. Right-click on the download link and select "Save Target As...". Direct the download yourself into your Winamp3\Skins folder on your hard drive. Open Winamp3 and you should be able to now choose that skin from the skins list, by right-clicking anywhere on the main Winamp3 component window and selecting Skins > name of newly downloaded skin

    OK. That should do it for skins with Winamp3. But right now I'm gonna talk you into dumping Winamp3 completely and to instead install Winamp 5.0. What? Did I just hear you say that I can't talk you into that?

    Hmmm.. I'll try anyway...

    OK. You've posted in the Winamp3 Tech Support forum. There is a Sticky thread at the very top of this forum that is entitled Winamp3 Is Dead, Upgrade To Winamp 5. I think it's very likely that you had never read it, based on the fact that you've posted here for help with Winamp3.

    Partial quote from the Sticky...
    If you are having any problem with winamp3 whatsoever, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the Winamp 5 release candidate, it will most likely solve any problem you are having.
    So... the first thing I suggest that you do is uninstall Winamp3 and install Winamp 5.0. Why? Because today (in just a few hours from now), Winamp3 will be REMOVED from (no longer offered for download). It's a dead project now. There will be NO support for it any longer. This Winamp3 Tech Support forum and all other Winamp3 forums will be closed and archived for legacy support only.

    If you need to know any more than that, then read through any of my recent posts in these forums. You can start by reading this one <- this is the link where I said above that I'd explain about Winamp3 being a completely separate product/player than Winamp in a post I would link to later on, and that post pretty much explains it all and also has a link for the Winamp 5.0 download.

    OK! That's it! And I wish you much Happy Winamping after you dump Winamp3 and install Winamp 5.0, and start using both Modern Skins (formerly known as Winamp3 skins) and Classic Skins with 5.0
    Don't email or PM me concerning Winamp. Instead, either start a NEW TOPIC or post a REPLY in the appropriate thread in these forums. This will also benefit others who may have a similar question or problem. But before posting, please first Search the forums and read all FAQs and all Sticky threads.

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      Forget it. I had Winamp 3 at one time and it got changed back to 2 and I didn't know it. I didn't pay any attention to the original look of it when I opened it. My husband has reformatted our computer a couple of times and installed a ton of new things since I used Winamp last, and the last time I used it, it was Winamp 3.
      I just uninstalled it and redownloaded Winamp 3. I don't see anything at all about Winamp 5 on the website or I would have installed that. But whatever, it works now.

      Thanks so much for your really have a knack for making someone feel stupid. There are a million other ways you could have written that but the one you I really should kill myself now.


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        i still love you, cheron.
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          Please don't be insulted by Nunzio390's attempt to help you. I strongly doubt he was trying to be condescending in any way. It is not easy to access the skill level of the person we reply to. That makes it hard to find the perfect balance between too little information and too much. Like you said “There are a million other ways you could have written that”. Out of the million other ways we could reply to someone it is not always easy to find the best way.

          Nunzio390 tends to be rather detailed because he wants to "leave no stone unturned" when providing answers. Also because the Winamp3 forum will close very soon, he was trying to provide extra information incase you had more questions later. Whether or not you believe me, Nunzio390 is one of the nicest and helpful mods on the forums.
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            I apologize for what I said. I was in kind of a pissy mood earlier, and I shouldn't have taken his reply the way I did. And I was frustrated because I should have known why I was having a problem...I was using Winamp 2 and trying to download and use skins that were designed for Winamp 3. I mean, duh! But I didn't even pay any attention to the version I had. But anyway, I've snapped out of the funk I was in, and I apologize for being rude.

            Thank you, Nunzio for your help, thanks JonnyMac for clarifying all that for me, and I love you too, liquidmotion. LOL


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              We love Nunzio390 #1 Mod in da forum
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