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  • A few things....

    hey, there's a few things missing over here, like:
    The fact that Winamp 2 had the great idea of letting me change the vis in the Main Window (Spectrum Analyser & Oscilliscope[sp?]) and Winamp3 took it out. Damn.
    The Media Library is about as useful as the one for Windows Media--not at all. What's the point of adding all your files to some master list and make you sit and delete every single one one by one until you have what you want? Pain in the ass.
    The Mad Magazine "Skin"/Advertisment has buttons I can't read and no vis
    Doesn't display the name in the playlist bar when minimized, it says "Buffering done." or something. Fix!
    missing the ultra-easy keystroke of highlighting songs in the playlist and tapping delete.
    no longer sorts by File Name AND File Structure, which was a big loss for me with my 678 MP3 list that's organized file-to-file. I had to search for them with in the playlist because your "search" thing told me "Jimi Hendrix" wasn't found.
    Over all I dig the new look, I just think it's more complicated visually than it had to be.
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    1. its coming

    2. don't winge because you don't know how to use it or how it works....

    your not meant to delete stuff out of it

    3. that skin is clever.... but i don't like it. its just there to show off winamp3's skinning system

    4. known bug

    5. its coming

    6. the search only highlights the files... its doesn't scroll to them

    7. thats what skins are for... they can be as sinple as all hell... or as complex as all hell