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i can not hear anything.

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  • i can not hear anything.

    my speakers do not work, but thats not why im here. i use my headphones as of now until i buy new speakers. i downloaded the winamp3 and it does not play anything. i put in my nelly cd, clicked one of the songs, and it didnt play. it then highlighted the next song, and kept going until the end of the playlist. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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    Firstly, will the CD play in another media player ie. Winamp 2.x? A lot of new CDs have copyright protection so they can't be played on a PC.
    Tell us more about your system. Operating system, sound card...
    Oh, and you haven't got the master Windows volume muted have you? (Its usually in your taskbar near the clock..)


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      im only 14 so im unsure about the system and stuff, my mom has said that my sound card does not work, but i listen to cds only on my headphones...i have 2.8 and 3.0...2.8 works, but 3.0 does not play a master volume? um..i know what you are talking about, but the icon doesnt show up in the toolbar down in the right corner..